About Team Thesis

There is no question that the Thesis Theme for WordPress is extremely powerful. Unfortunately, it is not always the easiest theme to work with unless you are comfortable editing PHP and CSS code. As a result, there are countless sites out there running the Thesis Theme that all look the same.

Enter Team Thesis.

We have a team of professionals that have examined each ingredient of the Thesis Theme and know exactly what it takes to create a masterful dish…or in this case a Thesis Skin.

Our professional designers are always experimenting with new designs and creating Thesis Skins that one would never suspect are built on the Thesis Theme. Once the designs have been created, our team of professional developers slice up that design and create an easy-to-use Thesis Skin that we will simply plug into your site and have you ready to go!

Take a look at our portfolio of Thesis Skins and let us know exactly what we can do to serve you better!

The Founding Fathers

One of the aspects that really sets Team Thesis apart from the crowd is our focus on people and taking the time to learn exactly what it is that our clients truly need. That culture was created by the two personalities that founded Team Thesis, Doug Cloud and Derek Semmler.

Doug Cloud

Doug Cloud

Doug started drawing from the moment he could hold a pencil (or crayon). First it was just doodles, then stick men, then drawing Snoopy and other Peanuts characters on kids notebooks. Cartoons were a big inspiration for Doug while he was growing up – particularly the old classics like Quick Draw McGraw, Underdog, Top Cat, and Tennessee Tuxedo.

Doug first began doing graphic design work on the computer only a few years ago. Up until that time all his design work was done by hand with good old pencil and paper. He still likes to doodle and sketch the old
fashioned way, only now he can utilize his computer to bring his creations to life in a whole different medium.

Doug’s loves to create personality and character into everything he designs. As he often says, “For me it isn’t about flat 2D graphics, but about taking a person’s dreams, ideas, and inspirations and giving them life in a truly unique and memorable way.”

Derek Semmler

Derek Semmler

Derek brings an extensive technical background to Team Thesis and possesses an exemplary track record of exceeding client expectations. Derek’s formal education includes a degree in Computer Science. He is well versed in full-lifecycle software development and has extensive experience in project management.

Prior to co-founding Team Thesis, Derek had been leading the development efforts for enterprise-wide content management systems at some of Chicago’s largest companies.

Derek’s unique background allows him to focus on the smallest of details while not losing sight of the big picture, which is not only the satisfaction of the client, but the realization of tangible results.