Now we can certainly tell you that we are the greatest Thesis designers and developers around until we are blue in the face. But rather than ask you to simply believe us (or our Moms) we thought that you might like to hear what a few of our clients have had to say.

Once we have had an opportunity to work with you, we’re confident that you will be among the list of people providing feedback such as:

The support I got was more than what I expected. Derek answered all my questions rapidly, no matter how simple they may be. He even provided ideas to help better the design and concept I had. I have been recommending other clients to him without questioning his talent and customer service.

Ian Fernando @

We collaborate with the most experienced bloggers and whenever anyone has a problem, Derek at Team Thesis is the one we turn to and the only one I recommend to clients.

Gail @

The guys at Team Thesis were simply amazing. I still cannot believe how Derek really seemed to know exactly what I was thinking!

Derek (with tongue in cheek) @