At Team Thesis we believe in providing our clients with an end-to-end solution. From the first-class design inception all the way through to the delivery of your completed website, we are working hand in hand with you to guarantee that you are satisfied.

Here is a sampling of our work:

8-Bit Thesis Skin

8-Bit Thesis Skin

Make sure that you are strapped into your gaming chair because the 8-Bit Thesis Skin is going to blow you away! Inspired by a love of old video games, this Thesis Skin delivers more punch than Soda Popinski and King Hippo combined.

Some of the game features include: revolving header image, featured post area, 4-widget footer, and custom page and category menu bars.

The 8-Bit Thesis Skin will have your site rockin’ in no time, and you won’t even have to learn a fancy secret code (up up down down left right left right b a start) to unlock all of the awesomeness!

Sojourn Thesis Skin

The Sojourn Thesis Skin is currently under development and will provide a handful of features that will make managing your website a breeze. You will think the short-order cook has moved into your house to prepare your meals for you – using the Sojourn Thesis Skin is really that easy.

Derek Semmler dot com

Derek Semmler dot com

This crazy cat (would you believe that he shares the same name as one of the guys here at Team Thesis) needed a new look for his personal blog. Using the Thesis theme was as a clear of a choice as ordering the meatloaf special down at the diner – come on, you know that nobody makes a better meatloaf than the diner!

The site includes nifty features such as a widgetized footer, sweet social media and RSS icons floating above the header, and one of the most handsome faces you will find on the Interweb!



GrowMap is a blog dedicated to helping small businesses flourish. Based on her commitment to small business, it should come as no surprise that Gail has been a long-time supporter of the people behind Team Thesis as well.

When it comes to writing content targeted towards teaching small business owners how to own their market, Gail absolutely crushes it. When it comes to managing the website – including plugins and updates to the Thesis theme – Gail recognizes that she cannot do it all herself and has been working with Team Thesis on making enhancements to her website.

Before we show you more of our work, we thought that you better rest for at least 20 minutes. You remember that old tale your Mom used to tell you about not swimming on a full stomach.

In the meantime, please feel free to give us a shout and we will be happy to provide you with more samples of our work. If you prefer, you can also request a free quote for your project.

Just be sure to tie your shoes real tight because we’re sure to knock your socks off!