We know that not everyone is going to be able to hire Team Thesis to create a completely unique Thesis skin. We understand that budgets are limited and we certainly can appreciate the fact that some people just want to do it on their own.

Whatever the reason, you’re in luck because here we have a handful of resources – from tips and tricks to recommended services – that will help make your life easier!

Thesis Framework for WordPress

As you may have guessed based on our name, we highly recommend our clients build their WordPress website using the Thesis theme framework.

The advantage to using a high-quality theme framework like Thesis is that it allows us to leverage the built-in SEO capabilities while focusing on delivering you an amazing website design. This means a quicker turn-around time and lower costs for you.

As much as we love using the Thesis theme framework, we do realize that not everyone will want to pursue that option. In that situation, we can also work with you to build a completely custom theme from scratch or build on top of another existing theme framework.

WordPress Hosting

There is no shortage of options when it comes to selecting a hosting company for your WordPress powered website and we have used quite a few of them ourselves.

For those of you that are looking to host a single website, be sure to take a look at icdSoft hosting plans. We have had experience with icdSoft for many years and they have been one of the most reliable hosts that we have used. They’re not the cheapest option available but their uptime is second to none.

The down-side to icdSoft is that they don’t allow you to host multiple domains under one account. With many people now owning more than one website, you can see that this could become even more costly.

When looking to host multiple websites, we highly recommend (and use) HostMonster. The huge advantage to using HostMonster is that they offer unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited domains all with one inexpensive hosting account.

Newsletter Services

Anyone that has spent time browsing around the Interweb can easily see how important it is to offer your readers a newsletter – and build an active list of subscribers. While there are a handful of options when it comes to newsletter services, there is one that is the clear choice and that is Aweber.

More often than not Aweber has an offer to try the first month of their service for $1.00. Even after the initial trial, their service is an affordable amount per month and when you compare the ease of using Aweber to their competition that price is even more attractive. Sign up for an Aweber trial and see for yourself!