Our goal is to work with you to build a website where the ease of use matches the beauty of the design. While we would be more than happy to enter a long-term arrangement to manage your website, we know that is cost-prohibitive for you and time-prohibitive for us.

For this reason, we build all of our clients’ websites on the WordPress platform. The beauty of WordPress is that it cleanly separates what we do (creating the look and feel of the site) from what you do – creating killer content to attract droves of readers and customers.

As part of this process, we offer the following services:

Website Design

From the time you initially contact Team Thesis, our designers will begin working with you to define your goals and requirements for the website. With this information, we will masterfully translate this into a unique design (provided as a PSD file) that captures all of the details and exceeds the imagination.

Website Development

Once the design has been completed, our developers take the visual concept and turn it into a fully functioning website. With the ease of long-term maintenance in mind, our developers build custom widgets that allow you to make adjustments with a few simple clicks and not have to worry about all of the code behind the scenes.

Full Service

We are well aware that some clients don’t want to be involved on the technical side of the house. In those situations, we are more than happy to manage everything from the design to development to final implementation on your live website.

Self Service

At the same time, we can appreciate the fact that some of you want to roll up your sleeves and be more involved in the process. We have had clients where they preferred to have us develop everything on one of our sandbox websites. Once we completed the project, we created a thorough installation guide and packaged the code for the client to install on their own.

What You Need Is Important

The common theme throughout everything is that Team Thesis is here for you – listening to what you need and delivering the right solution for the job. Making things more complicated than necessary is not good for anyone, yet there is still a certain degree of detail that is always required.

No project is too big nor too small. Regardless of the size of the project, we know that it is important to you and we will demonstrate that it is equally as important to us!