Thesis Tips

When we’re not busy building amazing Thesis skins for our clients, you will find us working on our own sites or building Thesis skins to be released to the community.

During our late nights of java and apple pie, we often times stumble across those small little steps that make life as a designer / developer so much easier. You know…the kind of thing like tucking the napkin into your shirt collar before you drop apple pie on yourself.

While we know the cupboards are a little bare as of right now, that means we’ve been so busy with client sites – not to mention upgrading a wealth of sites to the latest version of the Thesis Theme – that we haven’t had a chance to share all of our latest tips.

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How To Create A Rockin’ Thesis Menu

Whats On The MenuWe’re going to walk you through the process we used to create our sweet Thesis menu. Sure things might get a little technical, but we have made it a point to explain each line of code to make things as clear as possible. So pull on up to the counter and let’s get started!